Monday, September 11, 2017

Macro Monday 6, from Yukon

There are enough photos from this trip to Yukon to keep me supplied with blog photos for months. Months! The scenery here is terrific, and we timed the fall colours perfectly. Plus the light! Only another photographer would understand. Wow.

So there we were, out for a drive in the countryside near Whitehorse. You live moment to moment, wondering when someone will shriek "STOP THE VAN!". Then almost before it stops we all pile out to see what's there. Yesterday I talked about a humongous grizzly bear that was just waiting for us to take his portrait, or wondering if he was hungry enough to eat 6 of us. Then another truck drove by and spooked him.

Other occasions might be a scenic lookout, or just the play of the light on the landscape. Just. You have no idea. Some of these landscapes might end up on my wall at home.

One this particular occasion it was some tiny purple flowers at the edge of the road, maybe a clump of a dozen or so. I knew there had been a reason I'd brought the extension tubes.

These are with all the tubes, so not quite 2x magnification.

I'd forgotten Neil had taken a photo of me doing these.

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