Friday, September 8, 2017

So, Yukon. Never been. There’s a first time for everything.

As soon as Neil Zeller announced a fall Yukon photography workshop I signed up. They are a great learning experience, terrific value for the money, and all kinds of fun. I’ve been along on several, and it never gets old.

Plus, Yukon! The first thing I thought of was the aurora borealis, and hoped it would put on a show, but just going somewhere new, with all kinds of amazing scenery was enough for me.

Just before the flight, the aurora predictions were over the top. Neil was giddy. I got some shots from the plane, but keep in mind it’s moving through the air, it’s vibrating, there’s turbulence, and there are all kinds of crazy reflections from the windows, even after trying to cover them with black cloth.

The next day was out and about around Whitehorse. The light was always interesting, and some of the time it was captivating.

This is the view from our cabin.

After a wonderful home cooked dinner we got set up to watch the aurora. Sundog retreat has these great viewing cabins, but we set up outside to enjoy the lovely evening. The moon slowly rose, flirting with clouds. The aurora teased us all night long with some streamers and a bit of a show every now and then, but I have to say it didn't quite live up to our hopes. One never knows, though, and we were happy to see what we did get. At 3:45 I packed it in. Neil left a camera running outside, and got some more at 4:30.

Today is another day, and who knows what will happen tonight?

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  1. Awesome pics - reminds me of my time in the Arctic with the Northern Lights constantly on show!! What an amazing adventure!! Enjoy and I hope the lights put on a fabulous show for you tonight. Don't forget to whistle!


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