Wednesday, May 24, 2017

See what I mean?

Last weekend was summer. Today is fall. The weekend was as beautiful as summer gets here, and the wise Calgarians were out enjoying it. Today we get a weather statement. Wind gusts to 100 KpH, rain mixed with snow. One of my Facebook buddies says it's snowing heavy and fluffy in a north central Calgary neighbourhood. Here we're getting heavy rain, with bits of snow.

Friday my buddy Sean texted me and asked if I wanted to join him on a photo walk in Big Hill Springs park. Neither of us had been, and we had a lovely walk, with lots of photos of pretty little waterfalls. You can see some of mine here, if you missed them yesterday. You can see his if you follow the link on his name.

Afterward we still had lots of time before my tentative plans for an open water swim, so we decided to go over to Glenbow Ranch, one of his favourite spots. I'd never been and was curious about where it was. We took a short walk, and I'll have to go back for some longer ones. Here's some photos from there. As always, they are in whatever order Blogger puts them.

I'd known you could see the Calgary skyline from all sorts of places, but this was a surprise to me. You drive down quite a ways to get there.

This isn't Morant's Curve by any stretch, but it might be a good place to wait for an eastbound train.

At first I thought someone had painted cave art animals on the clay face of the hill, but no, when you look at it closely it's vegetation.

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