Monday, May 8, 2017

I disturbed him

You never know with cats. You might think they are asleep, but the slightest interesting sound and they are awake and ready to go. Like the sound of the lid on the container that holds the kitty crunchies, just as an example not chosen at random.

I'd been puttering with flower pictures, and saw Curtis asleep in the back window, lounging on the wool blanket they like. I was focused on the sleeping cat, just going to press the button, and,

Awake. Looking semi-grumpy about being disturbed, and catching him looking not quite his usual photogenic self. Rumpled fur and all. I'm sure the cat judge will hear of it.

The lighting wasn't the best so I was trying an HDR shot next. And,

Beats me how he knew exactly when to move and when to hold still. Celina just held still, face away from me. She is just outside the frame of both the above photos, but all you see is a heap of fur.

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