Monday, May 22, 2017

Busy day!

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. There are photos. I haven't had time to go through and edit them.
Glenbow Ranch. You get one photo. Sorry. Loved both, will return another time, more later from both. Stay tuned.

This is the view not far from the parking lot.

The open water swim didn't happen, though not from any shortage of efforts from BRBE. Another time.

Today I consummated the sale of a framed photo on canvas. Yay me!

The garden continues to explode. I've been doing a series of photos of one particular Allium. Linda calls me a stalker, chasing the poor helpless thing. Helpless my ass, it looks like the face hugger alien about to explode from a body. Once it's done than I'll post the series of photos.

The first wine kit of the season is bottled! More yay me!

Yet another pretty flower. This was great for practicing a delicate touch on the Lightroom controls to keep it looking right in the morning light.

Another 4 day weekend gone in a blur, maybe faster than expected because I was outside and busy for so much of it. We have to do that, enjoy summer when it's here. It might not be here next week. What was that weather advisory again?

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