Friday, May 12, 2017

Another full moon

The other day I posted a pair of shots and asked which one was the one I'd worked on. There was a nearly full moon and a peony. Not together, that would take lots of work.

One of my faithful readers suggested it was the moon, and had good reason for thinking so. But, surprise! I'd been out doing some sunset photos. Walking back to the house I looked before crossing the street, and noticed this nice moon. I stood on the street to get the shot with the tree in it just right, and took 6 shots right after the other. No change to the setting, just trying to hand hold the camera still. Total elapsed time about 50 seconds.

The peony, on the other hand. I was lying on my tummy, rolling around like beached whale, trying different angles and settings, trying to get the background blur right, and catch the light glinting off the spider web under construction. I gave up on that last one.

The other night was the full moon and I was out trying again. This time I used a little piece of cedar mulch to prop up the camera lens on the lattice fence. I was playing with settings again for a bunch of shots, and finally ended up with this. Different tree this time.

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