Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Celina tormented his soul, poor guy

Our cats have a thing going on. Yours do too, the only question is if you know it or not.

Technically Curtis is only supposed to eat this hypoallergenic food. The theory was that the paw grunge was caused by an allergic reaction. Now that he's eating this hypoallergenic food it hasn't happened again. Beats steroid shots.

Celina really likes the Acana brand crunchies and is only marginally fond of the other ones. Curtis has never met a crunchy he doesn't like, and will help Celina with hers. Normally we try to separate them, and make them eat at least some of their wet food before they get the crunchies. Yes, they prefer crunchies to the wet food, and its good stuff. I think I'd eat it. Lately Celina hasn't been eating her food while separated. She waits, howling at the door while Curtis gobbles his down. Yes, the noises are disgusting.

Then when we let Celina out she begs for her food. We finally figured out that she likes to eat it in front of Curtis, and she knows we will defend her as she pauses to breathe while she eats. We'd like her to be a bit of a bigger eater since she's so tiny. Today I was trying to hang onto Curtis on my des as she crunched away, looking up at him between bites. She licked her paw a couple of times, then went back to the food. Meanwhile, poor Curtis is going nuts.

Look at this photo. Who would think such a sweet kitty would have such malice in her heart?

Here's some of the shots of the little creek at Big Hill Springs park. It was very pretty, and I played with different settings to get different water effects.

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