Thursday, September 10, 2015

The kids in the next lane

There were two of them, and a coach. Their swim stroke was something to behold. I was trying not to be a creep watching.

So, me, working on my stroke. Lowest strokes for 25 m = 17, not trying to get a crazy low number, just tweaking existing stroke. Them, the coaching yelling at them if they hit 15 strokes in 25 m.

More typically, I'm doing 19 or 20 strokes per 25 m, 21 when I'm tired and sloppy.

The 50 m golf score was 79, with 39 strokes for 50 m, and 40 seconds. That's the best I've done (lower is better) for a while. Their swim time for 50 m was 35 seconds relaxed and easy, they may have stopped for a cup of tea at the far wall.

I was doing a bit of playing with stroke turnover, stroke timing, and overall swim speed. It's going well, as it should, considering it was my 3 time in the water in 4 days. Just arranged to swim tomorrow.

Penn West looks like they want me to stick around for a while yet, having invited me to meetings tomorrow and next week to discuss stuff in my areas of expertise. Let's see how that goes, and if they like my truths as supported by data. One day till vacation...

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