Monday, September 7, 2015

The end of wine making season

Linda got a bit carried away when ordering wine kits last year. Since late January, this space has not looked like this. It's been full of carboys.

There have been 11 kits worth of doing this.

The last are done, and the emergency overflow storage racks look like this now. Which I admit, is much better than the chunks of ABS pipe I was going to get. The geek within says I should do an inventory.

I'm glad it's over. This was a lot of wine kits for me, even though I bought another carboy so I could deal with 3 at a time. I had to keep notes. One kit gave me a lot of trouble and wouldn't settle. That added to the overall time. One of the kits just went crazy on me and I had enormous trouble with it, to the point of having to POUR from one carboy to the next. I'm never doing another Meglioli kit again. The wine is good, but it's more trouble than it's worth.

There was a lovely morning swim today. The good news is that I cracked a sub 90 second 100 m. Yay me! The bad news is that it took forever to warm up and get the water feel happening. I need to be swimming more often.

For a weekend that I didn't want to plan anything, where I wanted to hang out and relax, it turned out pretty busy. Three wine kits bottled, and everything put away. Friends over for lunch. Us visiting friends for brunch. A long run with friends. A swim with a friend, and saying hi to a water running friend. Scrubbing and unlocking my old iPhone 4 to give to a friend who has urgent need of a phone. (This is why you never let a company phone be your only phone.) Lots of cat cuddling. A nap. Watching a really cheesy movie. Yes, in fact I rented Megashark vs Kolossus. It was every bit of bad that I had anticipated, though I was surprised there was no scene of the shark eating a bikini-clad beauty. I thought that was required.

There was some relax time in there, but there is a long list of things not accomplished, the most urgent and least compelling of which is gathering up info related to my business taxes. Even just gathering up the little bit of paperwork is stressful, and I don't even have to fill out the forms! I don't quite throw up from the stress, but it's pretty close.

After several days of not thinking about work, I can now sketch out a process drawing of the various choices that will be offered to me. I think I'll put them up on my whiteboard for the viewing edification of whoever will be managing me. (Poor sod.)


  1. Congratulations on your sub 90 second 100 m! :)

  2. Sounds as if you made good use of a rainy weekend, Keith. That wine collection is impressive!! Good luck at the job this week. And congrats on the sub 90.


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