Sunday, September 6, 2015

East Coast, West Coast

A year ago exactly we were in a wonderful little cabin just off Crescent beach in Nova Scotia. It was a lovely vacation spot, with the only drawback having to be careful of the tides. Beaches are a wonderful place to be, listening to the waves and smelling the air. The wind feels so clean, blowing the cobwebs out of every nook and cranny of your body. Even just watching the waves is very soothing.

It's a sunny warm day there again today. The whole weekend I mean. How do I know that? A buddy is spending time on a nearby beach today. And yesterday. Swimming. Reading. Other beach stuff. There are photos. I am envious.

I have other friends living in North Vancouver. Today they were taking a walk on the beach. It wasn't quite as nice out, being somewhat cloudy, and the people involved are wearing jackets. No swimming. There are photos. I am envious.

Clearly I live in the wrong place. I used to think I wasn't a beach person because I had to be so careful about getting sunburned. Since I've been outside so much the last decade, mainly running or biking, the sun and the heat doesn't bother me as much. I'm still careful, liberally spraying on the highest SPF sunscreen I can find.

Not that I need it this weekend. It's still raining, and last night it snowed a bit. Yes, winter is coming. I keep hearing conflicting predictions of what it will be like. Fall in Calgary is usually really nice, warm days and cool evenings. One set of predictions says the snow is going to come sooner, more often, longer, harder, deeper, windier, colder. Everything about winter only more so. Another set of predictions says it's going to be another powder puff winter. Whatever. We can't change it, all we can do is dress for it.

But January. I'm seriously considering taking a nice vacation somewhere warm in January. My work contract will be up, if I make it that long. So, where is nice in January that isn't too long of a flight?

Two wine kits bottled today, a Negromaro, and a Primitivo. Both are tasty right out of the carboy. One more to go, and that will be done tomorrow. That was after I slept in, and had a slow start to the day. Long weekends are so nice.

Even though the Labour Day weekend isn't even over yet, there is this. Preparation.

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