Friday, September 25, 2015

3 people in 30 years

We've had this license plate on 3 cars since the mid 80's. An 83 Accord that lasted 340,000 Km and was the best car I've ever owned. Then a piece of crap Caravan that barely lasted 180,000 Km. The current Accord is just under 280,000 Km and going strong.

In all that time, only 3 ordinary public people have understood it without having it explained. 2 of them were pre-teen kids in Viking, Alberta. That was not a surprise to me, given the ancestry of the people that settled that area.

But getting the BBQ propane bottle refilled at Co-op, the guy took a photo of the plate, and asked if it was about what it was about. It is. I was surprised. We had a nice chat.

In other news, this. I can't wait till they let us in. Soon.

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  1. I'm impressed at how long your vehicles last!! Love Hondas!

    I had to look up the license plate!


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