Monday, May 20, 2013

Unimaginable, it gets worse

Today I was out digging up and excavating roots from a flower box. One set was nearly 6 feet long. Roots appear to grow right through the wood. I was at it for 5 hours straight, and darn it, I'm counting it as a workout. It sure feels like one in every sense but cardio.

Twitter has been going crazy with the shit show in Ottawa. I didn't think anything else was going to happen till Tuesday. I was wrong. Never underestimate the stupidity of the elected. Read that bottom tweet from the recently elected Calgary Centre MP.

She is the one that said she would do whatever the PM told her to do, so I'm guessing this is a precursor to the official government response. It probably isn't the stupidest thing that could be said, but it's right up there. The responses have been savage. It was worth getting a Twitter account for this thread alone.

I am beginning to seriously think that aliens live in the Peace Tower of the Parliament buildings, and they're sucking the brains of our elected and unelected representatives. That theory is just as plausible as some of what's been floated so far trying to explain this mess.

Something that occurred to me is that it's rumoured that lawyers were involved in the deal that saw Wright cut that cheque. Since bribing an elected official is illegal, wouldn't the lawyers involved be abetting a crime? Shouldn't they be facing (at least) disciplinary proceedings from their professional association?

It boggles my mind that every time I think we've hit a temporary stable point, another piece of shit hits the fan. Tuesday all the players should be in the same building, and it will be interesting to see what comes out. The least acceptable response is for Duffy to apologize, resign from the Senate, and pay back (himself) everything he's taken from the Canadian taxpayer since being appointed, since he accepted the post under fraudulent circumstances. Then the RCMP can arrest him. What I'd like to see is a replica of his head on a pike to warn the others. What I expect to see  is another insult to Canadians.


  1. Take a look at the scandals taking place in the US government! Yes, my friend, things get worse everyday! No responsibility, just elaborate vacations, golf and basketball games and tyranny. Getting away with it all while the citizens pay for it all. We will soon all be headed to Canada for affordable health care.

  2. Most politicians are puppets, and the rest are criminals...


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