Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maybe it's just as well I didn't run

The plan had been to run this evening, but we ended up having someone come over to give us an estimate of some work that needs doing. Then a couple things. Then realized I didn't really want to run after all, but did want to go stretch and core.

Holy moly my left inner thigh just above my knee had a tender spot such as I have never had there, and I never noticed till I rolled the stick over it by accident. Some more cautious prodding found a fairly large spot, and massaging it sent tingles up into my back, and down into my calf. There were a bunch of other tight muscles that didn't mind being massaged.

Then a bit of core, including squats, plank, pushups, and even a few cautious one leg squats. My left leg doesn't want to bend that far on it's own, but half weight seems to be ok. Mostly. A few times.

In other news the red sunburn across my tailbone is getting itchy. It was difficult to not walk around work scratching my butt. It's also been difficult to breathe. Someone burned something very badly in the microwave that is just down the hall from me. Very badly, as in we think someone meant 1 minute, and somehow got 10, then forgot about it. The dish in the sink was black, and the inside of the microwave was brown all over. It stank badly. I was using the nice tea to mask the odour. Won't be using that microwave ever again.

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