Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 bag Thursday Coffee!

Look what was here on our doorstep when we got home!

We order on line. They fresh roast and deliver to our door the following Thursday. It always was really good coffee. Then we got one of these.

The coffee got better. Much much better. One cup is much more satisfying than it used to be, so I haven't been craving that second cup. Some weekends I'll have a second cup. Even making it in the drip brewer is still pretty good, and french press is really good. I might have to try the reverse french press method I read about, even if it does sound a bit messy. I've experimented a bit with grind size and think I've got it about right. We are really pleased with it.

This morning was one of those days. I didn't quite bound out of bed, but I was feeling pretty happy I'd packed my swim bag. Even though I haven't been in the pool much lately it was a really good swim. 30 minutes of my usual stuff.

Best of all, my legs weren't even a bit cranky. If I didn't have stuff to do in the office I'd have gone for a run, rain and all. By this evening they were a bit tired, but not what I'd call cranky. Did a good stretching workout with some core stuff.

Going to be a busy weekend. Funeral Friday afternoon. Hope to drop in on a buddy I haven't seen for a long time on Friday evening. Breakfast with another buddy as she flies into and out of town. The lawn MUST be mowed, probably on Saturday, in between rain showers. Lots of other stuff on my to do list.

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