Saturday, May 4, 2013


Yes. For example. I'm not hindered by preconceived notions of suitability of what might make a good gardening tool.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The day started very well. This was my view, while sipping coffee and nibbling a tasty bun.

Later on was more unconventional core workout. Thatching the side lawn. Deforesting the patio. If I had a big shop vac, I'd use that too. There is a lot of fine silt and dust captured around the plants. Here's a before and after.

Then digging out one of the front flower boxes. A before and after, with an intermediary shot of me holding nearly 5 feet of roots that went from one end to the other.

There were times my legs were a bit crany if I stayed in one position too long, but overall they were feeling pretty good. There are several more boxes to go, I hope they hold up. I hope my hands hold up.

I was a bit jealous of my buddy in the cul de sac behind us. He rode out to Bragg Creek today and back, for 84 K or so in perfect bike weather. With any luck that will be me in a few weeks.

Oh, and I've got a prezzie to myself ordered. Pure indulgence. Amazon says its been shipped, and will arrive sometime between the 8th and 22nd. I'm guessing sometime next week, and I'll blog when it happens. In other upcoming events, I'll soon be 20000 days old. Imagine that! My blog will be 1500 posts old soon, and later this year it will be 6. I never dreamed I'd like it this much, or have met the people I have. It's been a year since I started at Penn West, and that has gone by so fast!

I'm thinking maybe tomorrow will be the Stampede food post, and given that topic, I think a rant on politics might be in order.

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