Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rolled like pastry

The minor sciatica issues are playing hide and seek. At one point yesterday I was feeling good enough to go for a run, though I didn't. Then the left leg will be feeling weak and achey. I'm never quite sure when it will happen.

Yoga class was excellent, except for the hour or two we (they) spent in intense forward stretch. I bailed. My low back and hamstrings were having none of it. There was a neat flow we haven't done before with lots of twist stretches. Very nice. I think I'll ask if we can do it again sometime.

When I got home Linda used the stick on the backs of my legs. There is a huge knot in the outside of my right calf. She could feel and hear the crunch as the stick went over it. She worked it back and forth pretty hard. The hams weren't as tender as I thought, but the backs of the knees were very sensitive. I spasmed every time she went over them.

Did a bit of additional stretching tonight, but no active core stuff. I am feeling a bit like the Red Queen, running as hard as I can to stay in the same place. My lists are getting longer...

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