Friday, May 3, 2013

First run in a month

But first I swam. A 50 m pool all to myself is nice. Some of you might be a bit choked at the cost, though. It meant waking up at 4 am. Yes really, but I was already awake so it was no big deal.

The water felt a bit thick today and my stroke just a bit off, but other than that it was a solid 30 minute swim. Working with the paddles is interesting. I'll alternate between long slow strokes and somewhat shorter faster ones trying to get my arm vertical faster.

It's a beautiful warm afternoon here today. The therapist cleared me for "easing back into running." For some of you, I know that means a 60 minute 10 K, just to get back into it. Not me, the T Rex in a tar pit of running. I was out 15 minutes, just over 2 K, and I walked part of that.

My right leg was fine, with only the slightest of twinges and niggles. I'm not sure how to describe the left leg. It didn't hurt, and it didn't feel all loosey goosey unstable. It had some spring, but it wasn't feeling right either. There was a bit of an ache on the outside, and it felt a bit stiff. Then again, the first time in a while is always hard. So nice to be out again! It's going to be interesting balancing the full recovery back to normal for my legs, and trying to build some stamina and endurance in them. I see lots of pre run warm up, and post run stretching.

Stretched and rollered much longer than I had run. I might try the bike tomorrow and see that feels. Still on the trainer till I get a grip on how strong it really is. Plus the roads still have lots of gravel and crap along the edges. I have the sneaking suspicion that my crash last year that locked up my low back is part of the problem.

This is the last bottle of the Bush Vine Grenache. It was bottled nov 2007. It's been a very reliable go to wine for a variety of purposes. It goes well with lots of food, and can hold its own with all but the spiciest. It's a bit tart in a blackberry plum sort of way, but lots of other flavour to roll around on your tongue.

Upcoming. The new "foods" for this years stampede. Get your horrified all warmed up.
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  1. Yay for the run, Keith - slow and steady (I am not one of those 10K back at it kind of people). The wine sounds yummy - and an 07! Even better!

    I am looking forward to your Stampede Food post!!

  2. Yes, glad to read you're easing back in to running, Keith. Enjoy!


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