Friday, May 24, 2013

The marathon weekend

No, not me, I'm not doing a marathon. Not this one. Some of my buddies are, though, and I'm just scoping out the route, and thinking about where to cheer from. Hope everybody has a great race!

Lots to do this weekend, left over from last weekend's list that I didn't quite finish. There's one flower box that has just a bit of root sorting to go. I was on a final push to finish it last weekend, when I realized I'd been out in the sun for 5 hours, and I was done.

My legs have been getting less and less cranky, which is making me more and more happy. It's a pity it's pouring out right now. If it was nice I'd have gone for a run, but I don't want to run so much as to run in the cold rain. Funny, I'll run in snow and much colder, as long as it's a dry cold. A wet cold is just no fun at all.

So I was indoors on the bike. Only a half hour, mostly brisk spin to get the blood moving in my legs, then a good core and stretch session. Stability plank feels much better, and I can even do the side plank X again. Push ups even.

The two major Canadian political farces are still playing out. Ford, the Toronto mayor who several reporters say they've seen a video of him smoking crack, doesn't deny it, just sort of parses around it in weasely terms. I think he knows the video is out there and will surface sooner or later. Oddly enough, even if the video does surface, there are no provisions to remove him as mayor until he is actually convicted. If he is convicted.

Which leads to a quickie side rant. What is it with public figures getting caught by an open microphone, or clandestine video? These people have to realize they are public figures, with a press corp or general public that will often take delight in publishing unflattering footage. Don't they assume every mike is recording, and there could be a video camera anywhere? Why would you do something so stupid as to smoke crack with known drug dealers? At best it renders you subject to blackmail, and that may well be the case here. There was Romney getting caught telling his truth, or what he thought was the truth to that particular audience.

Whatever happened to "Always tell the truth, that way you don't have to remember what you said." Much as I would not like to have a camera in my face, we're living in a world where that's the reality. From the moment I walk in the front door, to the moment I leave the elevator lobby, I'm under video surveillance. I'm pretty sure there isn't a camera pointed at my computer screen, but I behave as is there was. More and more of our public lives either is, or has the potential to be recorded. Cops have cameras in their cars. Some bouncers have little mini cameras attached to head sets. There are CCTV cameras in the streets. In some cases I like it, since it can be a documentary record that hopefully puts a cramp on abuse of police power. However I worry that incriminating evidence is tampered with, or "lost".

The ClusterDuff continues. I lost track of it today, and haven't bothered getting back on track just yet. Suffice to say the stories still do not add up. Now it seems that in addition to supplying $90K to get Duffy off the hook, Wright also provided some input on what the Senate committee report should say. And if Harper didn't have is finger in that pie, it must be the first pie ever.

Now that they look at it, there seems to be even more stuff he was claiming that he shouldn't. Maybe it's not on the scale of the moat cleaning claimed by one English Peer, but still. It's proof that nobody is above having their expense claims examined.

In really important news, we've been combing the cats daily now that the nice weather is here, and we've been getting great clouds of fur off both of them. More off Curtis, of course. His fur was a bit coarse, but not it's considerably more silky and soft. We think a year of good living finally has the good fur growing in. There is a new brand of wet food in the house. We will see what the little gourmands think of it tomorrow.


  1. I sure hope this rain stops for Sunday! I also would prefer to run in the cold and snow rather than cold and rain. At least I'm only doing 10k.

    People are dumb. That's the only explanation.

    We really need to brush Milo more often. Poor guy is half neglected these days. He still gets fed- he makes darn sure of that!

  2. I love rainy runs, but not when it's cold like this either. When it's warm and rainy though, it feels great.


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