Sunday, May 19, 2013

The retaste zone in sight for first time in a while

What a nice long weekend it's being! Originally it was supposed to pour rain the whole time, which is better than snow, but it's been pretty reasonable. A few rain showers, enough take the edge off the fire danger.

Friday we went to a Food Truck street fair at Kingsland market, and I finally got to sample Cheezy Bizness. I had a very yummy pulled pork with a mix of cheese on it. There was a huge crowd, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Saturday we were off to OEB for breakfast with a buddy, but she never made it. I guess I should have confirmed that it was THIS Saturday or next, but I just assumed. If it's next, we'll just have to FORCE ourselves to go back. Here's what I had.

Did you guess what's between the slices of French Toast? Cheesecake. Yes. It was very good. I was very pleased to get a coffee compliment from Linda, saying she likes my coffee better than what they were serving, and I had thought it was fairly good.

Here's what Linda had. I didn't even get a taste of it.

Later Saturday I was out for a run, 5K, 33:30. I'm still letting my legs run however they like. I'm not trying to run fast or slow, but I am trying to run lightly on my feet, and paying attention to form. It ended up being a pretty steady 6:30/K pace, not working too hard, and feeling good the entire time. I could have gone further. Here's the Runmeter graph. I don't know what I was doing in the last few minutes of the run. I didn't think I was going that fast. The rest of it I'm pretty pleased with. Long stretch session after.

Sunday was a two coffee day. Two HUGE cups of coffee. I was on the edge of vibrating. The bike session was the best in about a year or so. I felt very strong on the bike today. Maybe that was just the caffeine talking. Easy warmup, then steady state at the top of endurance pace, then some bursts maintaining +100 rpm going up through the gears trying to maintain easy circular pedaling up to well over 400 watts. This is the hardest I've pushed on the bike in a long time. I like a good sweat, but I was starting to feel a bit clammy instead, and I could feel a bit of tummy upset coming one, so I cooled down and packed it in. One very solid hour. For a while Celina was cheering me on from her perch in the window. Again, getting in a good stretch session afterward.

At the end my legs were tired. So tired I had to bend over all the way to undo my shoes. I couldn't get them up to my knee like I usually do. But there were no niggles, no almost cramping, and my knee was fairly happy about standing. The left leg is still weaker than the right, as proved by some one leg drill. Improvement is happening.

The other adventure today was putting Curtis in the big sink, and washing his nether bits. He has long fine fur, and occasionally some matts form. We washed and trimmed. Not much fun for all involved.

The shit-show in Ottawa is still on full boil. I've never been a big Rex Murphy fan, but he absolutely ripped a layer of skin off all involved. Enjoy. This will probably prompt a blog or two more as things sort themselves out. We certainly can't rely on Harper to, contrary to his own published statements. I think worse of him all the time, and he didn't start particularly high in the standings. If you're a twitter user, and think so, you may wish to use the #PMHarperMustResign tag on Monday. I don't think that will happen, but maybe an outcry will force some honesty. Trying can't hurt.

I've even had a chance to work on my book today, for the first time in a while. This blog is already long enough. Maybe I'll do an excerpt tomorrow.

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  1. They do say caffeine is a performance enhancer...

    Sounds like a great run. :)


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