Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ran, ignoring Twitter

And found several hundred tweets waiting for me when I got back. I am in awe of @kady.

But I didn't care. It's a beautiful summery evening here, perfect for a run. A bit gusty for a bike ride, though and getting worse. Clear blue sky. I had to run.

Thoroughly limbered up, and walked a bit. Then ran 5 K, 33:42 nice and easy, concentrating on form. My shoulders wanted to slump; maybe I need to be doing more of the rowing exercise. The run meter graph is all over the place, and I don't think my pace varied that much.

There were a few tickles, I'll call them, in my calves. It felt like someone was brushing the backs of my calves lightly with something with prickles. I've never that that before. Otherwise my legs were slow to warm up, and I didn't push. My left calf was feeling a bit tight throughout.

Rolled the ball and stretched lots afterward, catching up on the Twitter feed.

I remain appalled at the mess in Ottawa, and much less than pleased that my MP is ignoring the whole issue as much as possible. He is the one with the most stroke in determining what happens. Now he's flying off to Peru to work out a trade deal. The 3.1 Billion is still missing. This group of facts had better not be related.

The aftermath of the gardening flower bed was very sore and cranky legs by the time I went to bed.

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