Wednesday, July 11, 2012

so hot we considered naked yoga

I had fun at another Stampede breakfast today, chatting with several buddies, though I missed seeing my boss. On the way back to the office I ran into Mark and Jody, and had a wonderful chat with them. That's the nice thing about getting out and about downtown, is the random meetings with buddies. Somehow a chance personal meeting is much nicer than any number of social media exchanges.

Traffic was a total rodeo downtown and near the grounds. You are wondering why I'm surprised, because I suspect you think that would be normal. But you'd be wrong. The rest of the week traffic has been barely worse than usual. It's still hot, so drivers might be getting distracted by the eye candy and not moving when they should. Plus there was a major building fire downtown so there might have been some detoured traffic, though this is a long way. The parking went up another $5 at one lot. Most places it's $20 per day, which isn't even close to the most expensive parking in town. One is up to $25, and that's still not the top of the scale. Banker's Hall is $45 per day, $5 per half hour.

The yoga studio was baking hot when we got there. There was discussion of naked yoga, and just how squicked out the studio owner would be, but Fiona got the air conditioning going. This was tougher on my back than I'd have done to myself. Lots of good stuff, just like veggies, right? Taste terrible but are good for you. I'll find out in the morning what it's really done to me.


  1. I had NO idea that a bldg was on fire in downtown today! Almost worth walking across downtown to see it.

  2. Explosion in the Shaw building. Lots of people and companies without phone or internet.


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