Monday, July 9, 2012


It's getting better, slow and steady. My neck is killing me just today, like I slept on if funny. No idea why.

Quote of the minute. "Cat's don't get lamb!"

Summer time in Calgary. Nice. Very nice. Especially the girl in the red dress. Way nicer than the Matrix one. I'm not kidding. It topped 30 C here, which is a pretty hot day by Calgary standards. I was out for a longish walk at lunchtime. Wait, I already told you that.

Even though I'm still not 100% it just killed me to not be out on my bike last weekend, so I was determined to go tonight. Within a few minutes of starting I knew I wouldn't be going too far or too long. My legs feel weak, they don't spin well, and every bump in the road goes straight to my low back. Plus I can't do a left side shoulder check. Only rode a half hour, easy spin. My back felt like I'd been on the bike 4 hours.

Ran off the bike, a half hour. This actually felt pretty good. There were a few brief moments where the running was relaxed and normal. Most of it I had to think about posture and pace, but at least it didn't hurt and there were no muscle cramps or spasms. Just toward the very end I started feeling really hot in my face, which is where I typically feel it first. Ran 4.6 K, nice and relaxed.

Downstairs and stretched for half an hour. That gas relieving pose where you rock from hip to hip really hurt. Everything else felt ok. I'm hoping a good night's sleep helps things calm down more.

I took this photo of the red peony out front on the weekend, but forgot to include it in the weekend roundup.


  1. Nice flowers! I miss the peony I used to have at my old place. I think I tried to transplant a stem of it or something when I moved but didn't work out. Sorry your back's hurting, that really sucks. Hope your back recovers and no more pain. Got my bike tuned up (mtn bike) so I'm looking forward to when you get better, we can all go for a bike ride again.

  2. Tuned up! Yay! But I guess this means no brand new bike till you wear this one out. Not sure that peonies transplant well. They are home bodies and don't like to be disturbed. The worst of the back issue is that I don't know what I did to cause it.


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