Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's quiet, too quiet

Lots of people on vacation. I suspect more than a few people are resting up for the great ordeal of Stampede. It is the 100th, after all, so it's going to be quite the party. Some guys are, all unknowing, living through their last happily married days. There are more than a few people that get all stupid during Stampede and end up divorced.

But I'll take a quiet pool. My buddy Katie and I had it almost to ourselves this morning. We water ran and chatted a bit, then I swam. It felt pretty good. 3x50 on 60 s, aiming and beating 45 seconds. 3x100 on 2:30, aiming and beating 100 seconds. Cool down, and a bit more running and chatting. 45 minutes.

On the way back to the car after work I was watching the clouds roiling. It would have been really good to have a time lapse of it, but you'll have to settle for a photo.

Yoga was good as always, though my low back and hips are really creaky. It takes a long time to get into a pose, and back out of it again. Our last session is next week, so our instructor often does a students choice session. My buddy K piped up as soon as this was announced and said, Keith can't say Pigeon! That was ok, I wanted thread the needle. I need that stretch.

It's hard to type around a tail that can cover almost the entire keyboard.

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