Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not sure why she bothered wearing a shirt

So far so good, no back complaints. Into the 50 m pool to minimize flip turns. 500 m warm up, flip turns feeling not too bad, at least my core is doing what I asked, instead of ignoring me like last time. This started good and got slower, but I was more interested in how I felt than in going fast. I'm not sure what I had done to my tongue overnight. It felt very swollen, and I was finding it hard to breathe. No matter.

Some gentle dolphin kick alternating with pull. The kick was almost more a dynamic stretch than an effective kick for getting down the pool. The pull was to see what my shoulders would think of a medium effort. Cool down. 30 minutes altogether.

As I was finishing up a big swim club came in. They had the whole pool booked, and were going through their warm up on deck, thrashing around their arms. I thought it interesting that the girls were all doing their warmups in unison, and the boys were doing whatever they wanted. A few of them were totally cheating. I was thinking of sticking around to watch them swim, but decided to head in to work.

On the way home I have to walk past the Palliser Hotel. Just lately it seems to be the locus of people walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk. They also stand around on the sidewalk wondering what is going to happen to them next, with no consideration for those of us that have some place to be. Still, tourists, one has to make allowances. I guess.

Although the bounds of those allowances were tested just past the hotel. A young lady leaving a building and getting into a car. Technically, she was wearing a shirt, but it hid very little of her bra. I'm old enough to remember when it was though shameful for a grown woman to show a bra strap in public. Lately, the bra strap is a significant fraction of the clothing covering the shoulders and back. The alleged shirt was a tank top that looked like an extra foot or so of material had been sewn into the shoulder straps, so the whole affair settled much lower than usual. Lower to the point that only a pair of small triangles of shirt covered the very bottom of the bra.

There are any number of shirt styles that show off varying portions of back, side, and front, and the intent seems to be to show off (hopefully) buff anatomy, along with at least part of the bra or other foundation garment. I've been around any number of women wearing just a sports bra as they work out, so it's not like the concept is strange to me. But this was just a normal bra, not covered up by the shirt, out on the street.  This wasn't an accident; she knew perfectly well what it looked like. Why bother with the shirt at all? I didn't mind, I'm just curious.

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