Sunday, July 15, 2012

A back alley daisy

At least I think it's a daisy. Many Calgary neighbourhoods have back alleys. A place where garbage gets picked up and utility trucks periodically prowl. We've got a bit of grass growing on the other side of the fence, which means it has to be cut every now and then. Last time, a couple weeks ago, I noticed a daisy ready to bloom, and left it alone. This weekend I noticed it had come to bloom and took a photo. This isn't your perfect daisy. There are petals missing. It is a back alley, after all, and who knows how tough they are on daises. For all I know the roaming feral bunnies like daises, though you'd think if they liked it, they would have eaten all of it..

On the way home from work on Thursday I was waiting for Linda to pick out some new frames, and had to grab this shot of some clouds working themselves up to being a thunderstorm. This didn't take much tweaking.

While I was out for my run Thursday afternoon I stopped near the pump house theatre to look at this. I'd never seen it before, and really like it. 

 This is going back a bit, on Wednesday morning I was on the way to a Stampede breakfast. There's a neat sculpture in front of the TCPL building. I like the interplay between the horizontal lines of the building, and the plates of the sculpture. I couldn't help but wonder how many people try to climb on it.

In other news I've been a slacker on the workout front, other than trying to stretch out my low back, rollering it, and doing whatever else I think might help it feel happier. It is gradually getting better, very gradually. I'll try the pool tomorrow morning. It hurt just thinking of flip turns this last week. I'm not sure when I'll be ready for the bike again.


  1. Keep your camera ready... I love these little pauses in the day to day that you have to see things.

  2. I'm better now than I used to be, but often I'm so tied up in the activity that I don't want to stop. Even if the photo essentially takes no time at all. Back when we had a film camera (remember film) we could go a year between seeing new photos. Getting them back at the shop was always a surprise.


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