Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week of the Knee

Took a break from all training so far this week. The massage on Sunday and ART on Monday really left my leg feeling done onto and worked over. The timing of the ART appointments Mon and Wed was such that I really couldn't swim before them, and on Tuesday I just didn't want to. Since I'm not on a plan, and I want my knee and the muscles in the leg to get better, I figured better to indulge myself. Said indulgence is growing my waistline, so I'll have to be careful about that.

The doctor is really pleased with my progress. He says the muscles are calming down, which reduces the stresses on the knee. The one exercise I've been doing has helped a lot, and I now have a 5 page handout of leg exercises to do. The knee is feeling much more normal, with the occasional click or pop. These are the usual clicks or pops that don't have the ominous feeling of pressure buildup where you want to click the knee but you're almost afraid to.

Yoga went by in a blur, lots of good stuff, though airplane pose on my right leg was a bit scary.

Light snow and fog most of the week so far. The fog part is weird, the light snow is normal. So far none of it is sticking around long, but that will change soon.


  1. YAY for your knee! I'd be interested in seeing that knee exercise that is helping you out.

  2. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better! Any chance you could send me the name of your doc? jenosterman[at]gmail[dot]com. I must have deleted the spam and I think I need to get a second opinion on my knee - your guy sounds great!!

    I struggled with airplane pose last night too!!

    I'm so happy the fog is clearing...if we have to have snow and cold, it can at least be sunny! Isn't that the whole point of Calgary?

  3. Glad to hear the knee is getting better!

    I went to "your" pool- Renfrew. I get bored thinking about all the things I have to think about! I think because I can't see them, I don't know if it's even working!


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