Sunday, October 24, 2010

I was overly patient today

There is one girl laughing her face off reading that title. If nobody else gets it, that's fine.

Took it easy on Sat. Linda's sister showed up Friday night so we had a nice chat and hung out. They were out doing sister stuff on Sat. Our buddy V came over to help me bottle the two wine kits. That was a blast and made things go much quicker. There was a half bottle of the Syrah that we worked on during the bottling and for dinner after. Very nice! The South African ended up being exactly 29 bottles, so our only sampler was what was left in the bottle filling wand. We had a mouthful each. Nice but will need a while in the bottle.

The workout today was a bit of an ordeal. It started ok, but with the change in my cleat position it seems my hams are doing a lot more of the work, and they gave up part way through the spin. Nothing else felt like taking up the slack so the last part of the spin was an exercise in patience. Nothing was really hurting, but it wasn't working very well either. I had to struggle to get over 100 rpm, then could do that ok, then that stopped. Then the ability to put out any amount of effort below 100 rpm went way. I stuck it out, tried to keep things moving, and hoped it would get better. Perhaps I was undernutriated too. Maybe, though I had a good breakfast.

Once again I was the first of the herd out the door and into the fog, mainly because I was essentially dry after the spin. All I had to do was put on tights, long sleeved tech shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, shoes and I was ready to go. This felt like a run from last year; a slow steady chug. Nothing was hurting, but my legs were in no mood to run. But I finished the 20 minutes. Grrrrrr.

Then Katie's Killer Kore set. First thing up was 30 pushups. There were some teeny little rests in there, and we did a bunch of other stuff, but I was so shattered from the pushups that all I remember is we did another 30 pushups at the end. Some plank happened, and since I was the first one to crack, and I had to do the longest held squat. 6 inches. Squats. Lots of other stuff. Seriously, I can't remember what else happened. My mind is numb. In shock. Even the post workout cupcakes didn't help my memory. Or maybe they helped erase the trauma. Cupcakes are helpful like that.

Zoomed up to my book club. Then home for a massage. JL pummeled me so good, especially the grumpy muscles around my right knee. She is a super therapist, and is looking to grow her mobile practice. Mobile as in, she brings a table to your house and works on you there. So when you're done all you have to do is put on a robe and shamble to your fave chair. It's wonderful. If you're interested in trying this out drop me an email and I'll give you her contact info. She is really good.

And youwhohasnothadamassage, ever!! freaking ever, which totally boggles my mind. I don't understand how you are still moving, let alone so fast, so far. If you didn't live so far away I'd arrange for her to ambush you. All your friends would conspire to help. So would your coach. So would your family. Conspirators R us, in a good cause, yeah.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.25 hrs
Bike 4.25 hrs
Run 1.33 hrs
Total cardio 6.83 hrs
Core 1.5 hrs.


  1. As I sit here enjoying a glass of our latest Valpolicella (bottled a few months ago, now ready to drink)... I wonder if your basement is becoming more full of wine, or if you manage to keep up, and I'm not sure which is the more sobering thought...

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to do a blog update, seriously. :) :) :)

    You got me twice in this post -- LOL!!!

  3. Mmmm wine!! Sounds yummy!

    Great workouts! I am scared to think of how my legs/butt will react to being back on the bike. I might top out at 60rpm!!

    Thanks for the baking tips. I must have messed up an ingredient somewhere- I was sure I did it correctly but the result proves I did not. Guess it's ok because I don't really need the cookies!

  4. Ah, a massage sounds lovely right now. I'd love to have one.

  5. Some of your muscles are grumpier than the rest of you?

    Don't ever give those muscles a blog. Or a Twitter account. Or the keys to the likker cabinet.

  6. LOL at "some planks happened." Also, the wine sounds delicious. I'll be right over.

    You're getting some good "off season" workouts in. Nice!

  7. Wait. Is it ME?! Am I supposed to be laughing my face off?!

    PS-talk about OVERLY patient....

  8. is the best invention ever!

    Great workout! I need to start thinking about adding in some brick, but I always have a ton of excuses ready. Maybe this weekend.


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