Thursday, October 28, 2010

Riding into the retaste zone

Swim was nice and relaxing this morning. Half an hour or so, thinking lots about stroke. 15 minutes of core in the dive tank.

Knee exercises when I got home. I have 28 of them to choose from. I expect a few of them are going to be like the first time I tried side plank leg lifts. There I was, telling that leg to go up, and nothing was moving, except my ass falling back to the mat a few seconds later.

Spin class was the hardest I've worked on the bike in a long time. Chris has lots of fun stuff, and we were doing some short hard stuff. Really hard stuff. My knee was feeling good and I decided to go for it on the hard parts. Did I mention Chris had us doing some short, really really HARD stuff? I pedaled myself into feeling a bit queasy for a short while, beginning to regret dinner, sweating a bucket, and feeling kind of clammy about it. I backed off then. I think I set a new personal speed record on the trainer though, 78 Kph via 138 rpm in the hardest gear. That did not last long, I assure you. My heart rate peaked out at 156, which is just into zone 5, and that's the highest I've seen it in a long time.


  1. Sounds like a great workout though! It's good to find your limits. 138 rpm? I'm not sure my legs can move that fast!

  2. Ahhhh, the retaste zone....Gotta love it! Hahahahahaha! Sounds like a heck of a workout!!!

  3. Ha! love the title of this one. Sometimes it's tricky to distinguish between sweat and nausea sweats...
    Good job on getting your cadence to that point! I think max I've ever hit is maybe 115


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