Sunday, October 3, 2010

A great run, followed by a video with Linda's semi-witty commentary

Today is a bit cooler and I have an appointment early this afternoon, so I don't really have time for a long ride. Lots of time for a run, though. Maybe I was inspired seeing all those people running a half marathon yesterday.

Here's what I looked like, just ready to head out the door. Linda's first pic with the iPhone! Look Kelly, no drink in my hand!

According to Google Earth I ran just over 9K in one hour exactly. The Fish Creek part was from Bebo Grove, along the pathway to bridge 2, over it, hard right and up the hill, along the path, then down the really, really steep part. I need to get back there and take a pic of the user modified warning sign. From there over bridge 1, and back up the hill towards the 37 st pathway. I'd been expecting my watch to say I'd been running for over an hour, and was astonished to see it had been 51 minutes. Here's a map of the whole route.

The run started and ended easy. Much of it was a steady high zone 2 pace, with some faster bits. Worked on form and posture. Thinking about how to get a video of me running.  Ran up the really steep hill that I used to have trouble walking up. Ran fast up the hill out of the park to 37 St.

My legs and feet felt great throughout. Strong and fast, even. (For me, guys, for me. Think of T Rex chasing dinner.) I'd done some stretching and walking before the run, and walked after. Stretched. Then to help Linda learn to use the iPhone I consented to be the video subject. Me doing plank. Voluntarily. With Linda making (semi) witty comments.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.0 hrs
Bike 4.75 hrs
Run 2.0 hrs
Total Cardio 7.75 hrs
Core 2.75 hrs.


  1. That was the most exciting plank video I've ever seen.

    In related news, that was the only plank video I've ever seen.

    I feel I have seen too much.

    All these pix and videos on your blog these daze ... have you considered you're maybe spending too much time around Barefoot Neil Zed?

    He's rubbing off on you. (Meant in the sense that won't give you nightmares. But just alluding to that other sense will give me the night terrors. Why do I do this to myself?)

  2. BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! nice camera work linda! and excellent commentary too. oh, and of course good job keith. tee hee.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, Awesome video and commentary.

  4. Awesome!

    Now, turn to onto one elbow and do side planks! With a push up! Do it!

  5. Sing to the tune of 'Pirates of the River Saskatchewan' - vide the Arrogant Worms:)

    Oh I knew a coach named Katie
    Who inspired me to try
    To do a plank to failure
    I swore I'd do or die
    So I got my wife to film me
    Proving to my coach I can
    Be worthy of her teaching
    Which made me an Ironman

    So its hee ho hi ho
    I'm holding in my core
    So what if I am grunting
    It's better than a snore
    So its hay ho hi ho
    My efforts not in vain
    Immortalized on camera
    A planking minute's fame

    This by Keith's wife Linda, who admittedly has a somewhat twisted view on things:)


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