Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am losing my mind. You guys are all unaware of my Thursday swim, since I somehow didn't blog about it. Now that I've blogged about that particular half hour of my life, we can move on to the first spin, run, core, and cupcakes session of the fall. Which I bailed on, but not for the reason you think.

Oops, also missed blogging about the Friday run. Just barely a half hour nice and easy, with lots of stretching after.

Now to today. Slow warmup, since my legs were a bit creaky from Thursday spin and a lot of standing around on Saturday. Plus a crappy night's sleep. I'd finally got around to fixing the music on my iPhone. Somehow I'd got a bunch of music on it, but it wasn't what I wanted. So I was listening to some of my fave tunes, LOUD, chatting to some buddies via MSM and FB chat, and a long series of quick emails. You all know who you are and thanks, it was fun! So there I was, pumped from using the iPhone, when I realized I had to be on the bike at spin class in 10 hours.

Now we're caught up. It took me a while to get into the groove. I was mainly more interested in seeing what my heart rate was doing; this was the first time wearing the monitor since IMC. Overall that went pretty well. My legs are getting lazy. I used to be able to maintain a particular cadence and not pay a lot of attention. But today I was tending to drift downward. For a while I was wondering if the sensor was actually working properly, since it seemed I was pedaling a lot faster than what the bike computer was telling me. On the bike an hour and 50 minutes, butt feeling pretty good. For someone who had "lost" her voice the night before, Katie did pretty good at shouting over the music to keep us moving.

You know the old joke about spilled drinks? That after you die, you are dropped head first into a barrel with every drink you've ever spilled, and if you drown, to hell with you. I sometimes suspect Katie has a fear that all the people she's ever bored are going to meet her in a dark alley after she dies. So she works extra hard to keep things moving fast, always changing things up. This isn't a spin class where you can go to sleep while your legs pedal on auto-pilot.

The run was tricky. It was still cold enough to see your breath on the air. I changed and headed out for 20 minutes, legs feeling a bit heavy at first. But what do I expect, this was my first T run in a long time. They came around and the run ended up being pretty good. I was running ahead of everybody else, since I was ready to go and I hate standing around waiting for people. Even with the big head start most of them just about caught up to me.

The rest of the class went onto the dreaded core session. Katie has this special watch she uses for timing plank. It's missing a gear or something, so it runs really slow. Really, really, slow. I was on the phone checking the arrival time for Kelly's flight. I'd hoped (really, truly hoped) that it would stay being late, and I'd have time for the core session. But no. I was heartbroken, totally crushed at having to dry off and zoom up to the airport. It worked perfectly. I parked and went in, Kelly appeared and grabbed her bag, and we were headed out to the car again. There was about 5 minutes on the park card. To compensate for not doing the core, I denied myself one of the cupcakes of scrumptiousness that Katie makes. (and no, that doesn't mean I had two. You. Guys.)

Weekly Summary
Swim 1 hr
Bike 3.33 hrs
Run .83 hrs
Total cardio is just over 5 hours, taking it very easy. Except the bike.
Core 1.5 hrs.

I'm trying to get onto a regular schedule here, each activity done 2x per week.

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