Friday, October 8, 2010

Short run, a few pushups

A very few pushups. Let me try to retain some dignity by not saying exactly how few.

Thursday was a quiet day. Snoozed. Napped. More recovery.

This morning I was sort of thinking going for a bike ride on the weekend might be nice, and I ought to look to see how bad the tire is. The tube had a cut 5 mm long. I couldn't have cut it any neater with a sharp knife. The tire has a huge slash in it, running right from the rim to the centre of the tire. I really wonder what I ran over. I have a couple old tires I was going to use in the spring for when there is still lots of crud on the roads, so I guess I'll use one of those for the last couple rides before spin season starts on Thursday. Once I get that damn trainer tire on, it's not coming off till spring. Any outdoor riding will be on the hybrid. Here's a photo of the tire.

Went for a really nice run, about 5 K. Stretched and did a bit of core. Walked a few minutes, then started running easy. Ran totally by feel, faster and slower, but not trying to run faster, only trying to run with good form. That ended up being about 30 minutes overall, easy at the start and end, plus more walking. Then a bit of stretching and core, and the very small number of pushups. Lets feel pretty good.

Scoped out the new addition to Chinook Mall. There's an Apple store there! I hadn't known this. We had some fun playing with an iPad, but don't think we'll be shelling out to buy one. Nothing much else of note, except the traffic! Lots of parking spaces, but getting in and out was brutal, even with the people directing traffic. And why was there a whole mess of cops with several cars clustered around the one exit?

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