Thursday, October 14, 2010

First spin session on the trainer

Poor Estela. She was hoping to get out for another outdoor ride but Wed was much colder than expected and I weenied out. After careful mental, physical, and emotional preparation, (focus and procedural reviews, a good stretching session, and a big hit of wine, respectively) I was ready for the struggle with the trainer tire. Further proof that preparation pays off, or good wine conquers all. The trainer tire went on without any fuss, and without any tools. In contrast to the last time, and no I'm not going to provide a link to document THAT struggle.

Yoga last night, but I didn't find my happy yoga place. It was just another session, and while doing an armpit stretch (don't ask) I managed to find a really sensitive spot on my knee. Which, along with another thing, pushed me over the edge, and I've made an appointment to get my knee checked out by some specialists. The other thing was receiving an unsolicited email, with info about this clinic. It's normally called spam, but in this case it was good.

Baking cookies was the important activity of the day today, and I was outside for a brisk walk and some stretching. Just too nice to be indoors. This is likely to be the last warm day of the year.

Now that the trainer tire is on, it's going to stay on. Any further outdoor rides will be on the hybrid. Spin session was fun. About 14 people showed up, many of whom I know, which is nice. Chris took it easy on us, but a pair of ambulances still showed up, lights and everything. They just sat and watched us for a while and went away again. That was about 1.5 hours. My knee was a bit creaky but behaved. Even though I padded around the house looking, I knew I was going to forget something for spin class. I knew it, and didn't sweat it. I had the essentials. Turns out I forgot my watch and heart rate monitor.


  1. I love my trainer rides. Good thing when i am doing IM SG in May.I can also relate to knee issues. Great work in your IMC race - all the best for your future.

  2. I've been lucky so far...I've got my trainer sessions plus MTB sessions. Of course, the weather has been cooperating up until now for the MTB.

    Cookies are a good thing. Especially homemade cookies. With a big mug of fresh hot coffee. And a cat on your lap. And a good movie.
    That's it, I'm calling it a day. :) :) :)

  3. ah, I think I got the same spam. I briefly considered it and then forgot all about it! I'll be interested to hear what you think!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Cookies?! Can I expect those in the post?

  5. What kind of trainer do you use? What would you recommend? It's my first year road biking so wanting to buy a trainer to do it inside for sure...


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