Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swim, Dr appt, yoga, bike, which of these is not like the others?

Wed swim, 45 minutes of goodness. Good warmup, working on stroke, did some kick drills, good feel for the water today. Swam 500 m working hard on maintaining stroke focus. Took a break, doing some easy easy pull and some kick. Did another 500 concentrating on stroke and flip turns, not trying to go fast but go smooth, efficient, and steady. Just for reference, not an indicator of speed, it's just a number for future reference 9:20. By the end I was starting to lose focus.

Doctor appointment involved some firm ART, which wasn't actively painful, but let's just say there was some discomfort. He worked me over pretty good. My legs actually felt more tired and sore after, and for the rest of the day, but I think it was good.

Dogged it during yoga, being very careful of my knee. Slept like a rock. Did the exercise for knee and leg, and stretched a bit.

Chris worked our tails off during spin class. Great workout, was dripping sweat by the end. 1:55 and the only reason I didn't go the last 5 minutes is that I wanted to stretch and people were already putting their bikes away. Mostly my knee and leg felt good and fairly strong. My left ham was the muscle doing the most complaining. I'm probably doing some compensation things that make it work hard. One leg drill was ok the first times, but it felt like my kneecap was a bit loose so I stopped that. The rest of the evening and up to right now it has that feeling like it wants to click. I am cautious.

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    PS-I'm anxious. Because it's Friday. And "something" could potentially arrive today.


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