Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clockwise around Tsuu T'ina

Wow was I out of it on Monday. Didn't talk about my swim. 45 minutes swim, 15 min core in the dive tank. Warmup 1K trying to swim smooth, just to see how I did. 19:25. Blah. Found out about my buddy Deb, hope she's feeling better.

Today was beautiful out, right in line with what a typical fall day is here in Calgary. About noon I headed out on my bike. Out 22X, north on 22 for the first time, back on 8. Turns out to be 87.5 K. If I'd been training I'd have gone around the block to make it 90, just because. But I didn't. 3:39, including 20 minutes to fix a flat near Bragg Creek. Not sure what I rode over but it made a heck of a noise and slashed the tire up pretty good. I'm glad I had some paper money in my saddle bag to line the tire with. Legs are tired.

Yoga was hot tonight. Blah. Did I say my legs are tired, and that bit of quad is sore again?

For the record Tsuu T'ina is pronounced Sut Inna. That u sound is part way between the u in hut, and oo in soot. Not not NOT soo tina. Unless you're looking for a knuckle sandwich.


  1. Sue Tina.

    You can also use a empty GU packet as a tire liner in a pinch.

  2. Mmmmmmm ... Knuckle sammich ....

    Extra skin, please!


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