Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's list

Up (check)
Dressed in running stuff (check)
Bag with swim stuff into car (check)
Short bit of loosening exercise (check)
Drive to Canyon Meadows (check)
Run 40 minutes low zone 3 pace (check)
Get stuff, change (check) (remembered shorts!)
Swim 45 minutes  (check)
Shower, shave (check)
Drive home (check)
Clean up running cat spew (check)
Eat breakfast granola (check)
Drink ginormous coffee in Music City mug (check)
Start blog (check)

And all before 7:30 am!! 
I wish I could say it was snowing and -10 C, but it's not. It's actually nice out, but 
I was still out of the house at 5am!

The rest of the day is going to be spent trying to stay awake in an Enterprise Risk Management course.

The run started at the lights on Elbow near the pool, all the way down to the bottom of the road in Fish Creek, all the way back, then back down to Canyon Meadows Dr, and back to the pool. I felt kind of slow and a bit clunky, but gradually eased into a nice pace. Only nearly got run over once, even with wearing a reflective vest.

Swim was good; the pool was almost empty. Warm up, 3 x 400 at gradually increasing effort. First was 8:05, but that included a brief stop to get people swimming in a circle, then 7:55 then 7:50. I'm doing a lot more non-freestyle now. Most of that is backstroke, which I don't mind at all. But a bit of it is breast stroke. I can do the arm part ok, but my kick just sucks. That's better than before where all I did was warm up the water as I thrashed about. At least I'm consistent in all my strokes; my kick is feeble. That is official. Doing kick only with the board takes about 5 minutes per length, at least, and seems like much longer.


  1. You busy little bee you!! All perky and up and about! LOL!

    I'm seriously thinking of getting a reflective vest as well -- me and Toby nearly got taken out by a white hair yesterday....Mind you, even the reflective vest didn't work for you today, eh? AARRGGHH!!!

  2. Man I wish I could get out of bed to work out. I've done it once a couple weeks ago and set my alarm like 3 times this week, but it promptly got turned off for some more sleep. :P So I end up doing both workouts after work. Oh well...

  3. It is nice getting all that done before anyone is even awake.

    Enterprise Risk Management...ohhh, sounds very exciting!

  4. I like doing other strokes at swimming. They work other parts of the body and I like to stretch them out a bit more than usual to just move parts that don't often get moved!!

  5. Is it wrong that I'm tired just reading everything you did before 7:30?????


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