Sunday, October 11, 2009

A surprise long weekend

Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me. I never know when it is, so I scheduled a book club meeting for today, and while several people said they'd show up they must not have checked their calendars. Of course, they're having dinner with their families. 

I had planned to sneak in a swim before getting Linda from the airport. My bag was packed and everything. But this cold isn't 100% gone yet. While watching Ironman Kona yesterday I got a little chilled and decided if I could sleep instead, I would. And I did, mostly. Now that we're home again, and looking at the schedule for next week, I think that giving myself another rest day is a good idea. The ride and core for Monday looks tough.

Watching the Kona IM yesterday was a surprisingly interesting day even though IM isn't exactly a spectator friendly sport. The men's race was interesting right to the very end what with the lead changes, and Lieto's lead slowly dwindling. Chrissie biked and rode away with the female race. I'm in awe of how much male pro butt she kicked. But the real eye opener was Mirinda. In my short triathlon life I've never seen anyone that can run like her. She made it look easy and  natural. Wow.

Weekly Summary
Swim .5 hr
Bike 5.0 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Walk 1.0 hrs
Core 2.25 hrs
Total 9.75 hrs
Ended up missing a swim and 2 core workouts. Stupid colds.

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  1. Happy late Thanksgiving. I'm glad you gave your body a break. You are so in tune with what you should and shouldn't do, it's impressive.


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