Saturday, October 10, 2009

A snowy brick

Solid two hour trainer ride this morning. Long warmup with some one leg drill. Cadence pyramids. Progressive hill, going up a gear every minute, then back down. Standing up. Spin ups. More one leg drill and cadence. Standing. Some steady 90 rpm dialed into desired heart rate. One last set of one leg and cadence drill. Cool down. Covered in sweat.

Three minute transition to dry off and change, then out for 15 minute run. Calves feeling a bit tight. Walked 15 minutes to cool down and stretch out a bit. It's a cool day out there, maybe -5C, with light snow.

Then after some fooling around with plug ins I started watching Kona!! The leaders are just past the halfway point. It's a super race with the guys lead changing often. And Chrissie is a bit over 6 minutes ahead of the next woman, and only 11 or 12 minutes behind the lead guy, which is Chris Lieto at the moment. They're saying Chrissie is on track to set a new course record. This is really exciting! Calling Julie every now and then to give her updates as she's on the road.

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