Sunday, October 4, 2009

First real trainer ride

I drove home from the airport on Saturday through a snowstorm. Yes, big fat fluffy flakes all over. This only lasted a short while as the front blew in, but it made for a bit of a miserable day outside. Fortunately, I was inside struggling with nothing more difficult than getting a trainer tire on my bike. It had been folded flat for so long it took a bit of doing.

After that there was no excuse. I climbed on and worked through a solid 2 hour workout. Lots of one leg work, with no clunking at the top till the very very end with my left leg. Some cadence work that got my back fat jiggling. Yes, sadly enough, there still is some, though it doesn't start jiggling till about 140 rpm, and it used to start about 110 rpm. The only reason I'm putting so much detail here is that it's a bit of a benchmark for the coming season. I'm sure these numbers are boring for everybody but me and my coach.

Let's see:
20 m warmup
20 m one leg drill (5 x 1 m each, with 1 min easy between)
5 easy
10 mini time trial big chainring, 3rd biggest cog 80-83 rpm heart rate 130 bpm
5 easy
15 seconds hard, 45 seconds easy at 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, and max rpm.
easy 3 minutes, then one gear easier
30 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy at 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 rpm
easy 6 minutes.
mini time trial 10 minutes, small chainring, mid cog, 85-90 rpm heart rate 120-125.
cool down 20 min

Woke up to about a cm of snow on the ground, and more coming down periodically. Today was only 30 minutes core. Pity installing software doesn't count as a workout.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.25 hr
Bike 8.66 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Walk 1.0 hrs
Core 3.5 hrs
Total 15.4 hrs


  1. You need to move to Florida :)

  2. Hey, check out
    I added your site to the list of Triathlete blogs

  3. wwwhhhatttt, snow, snow flakes, are you kidding me? I was bitching about cold rain today but snow. Noooo, not yet.

  4. I am so trying not to be glum about the snow -- but it really, really, really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Not boring at all, I was just sitting here wondering what to do when I put Ruby on the bike trainer. Maybe I'll copy your workouts (if I may) and that'll help me through the winter months! Thanks!

  6. I'm sure these numbers are boring for everybody

    Don't sell yourself short. The numbers aren't the only thing that was boring.


    Kidding, brother!

    Nice workout.

    And: Snow? Where do you live? Canada?

    Did teh LuMu ever check in to see those moose pix?

  7. I've done lots of trainer rides all fall...if the weather was crappy or I could not get out side and had a workout to ain't so get used to it again real fast!!

  8. OMG....that season is upon us isn't it....I have not riden my bike since IMC....was busy on the farm while the weather was nice and refuse to rush into putting my trainer tire on just in case.....person should have an extra entire wheel set up so you can just change that and go at a moment (well really 5 moments) notice for a late fall outdoor ride!!

    Way to go keith!!

  9. I just did the same thing with my trainer tire and it took me forever to get it on too. AND my back fat jiggles too. Oh, winter, I hate you. :)

  10. Stoopid snow. I HATE winter. ALthough it is amusing that you measure it in centimeters. Here in Frostburgg we measure it in feet. Glaven's right - it's like you live in CANADIA or something. Gawd.


  11. Poor Keef - you ARE sick. You've now commented on dozens of my old, musty, unread, prehistoric posts. You may be the first person EVER to read some of these. Thanks, but feel better.

    Vitamin C, Keef, and plenty of it.


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