Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Really snowy run

That's what I was out in for my run today. Lots of snow fell overnight, and more during the day. I don't want to talk about my drive downtown to drop Linda off. Or the drive home.

On the bike for an easy 20 min spin to warm up. I wanted to start getting moist, but not sweaty. It's not cold out, only minus 2 or 3 C, but I figured I'd be getting we enough from the snow, and being splashed. Ran 30 minutes, about 3.6 or 3.7 K according to mapmyrun, working to keep my heart rate under 130 and mostly succeeding. The footing wasn't that bad since the snow was still squoogy and slushy. Walked 10 minutes to get home, and then shoveled the driveway and sidewalk for 20 minutes. I'm darn well counting that as a workout, though I don't know if it should go down as a cardio or a core workout.

Kelly B is probably the only person interested in this next bit. Linda and I got invited by our financial advisor to dinner at La Chaumiere (which is a very, very swish high end French restaurant) by our financial advisor to hang out and listen to Eric Bushnell talk about the economic recovery. He's just a guy, kind of geeky looking actually, who's responsible for managing some mutual funds, to the tune of about $umpteen billion. We'd hoped to still get to yoga class after, but things were a bit late getting started, and he talked for longer than anticipated. Fascinating. Well worth missing a yoga class. 


  1. Did you eat at the swishy restaurant? Hmmmm, I've never been to a fine French restaurant before! :) :)

    I hear the Calgary road condition reports on the radio when I drive into Pincher every morning. What a gong show!! There were even two sand trucks that crashed in the middle of an intersection I heard. LOL!!!

  2. Eric Bushnell is very smart and very talented and one of my fave money managers. We use him LOTS for our clients as a core holding and he looks like he is about 14 years old!! He's a total geek but good at what he does.

  3. I left my house yesterday morning at 6:15am hoping to get into work by 7:30am for a water run. I never got into the office until 9:20am. Of course, Calgary transit blows in that I have to take 2 buses, and a train to get to my work place which is about 18km from my doorstep.

  4. I am NOT ready for Winter. Why can't Fall stay around longer?

  5. EWWWWW!!! I can't belive how much freaking snow you have there. Although, I kinda prefer running in the snow and I'm not quite sure why. Makes me feel hardier, I guess, and very nearly Canadian.


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