Friday, October 16, 2009

The weird MRC pool

This pool is almost wider than it is long, and it is 25 m long. But the bottom geometry is weird. The right hand side of the pool, viewed from the men's change room is shallow, and it gets deeper to the left. Well, the far end gets deeper too, and the left side gets much deeper than the right. So, 1/4 of the pool is quite shallow, and another 1/4 is medium deep, and the other half is quite deep.

And it's warm. At first I thought I'd got into the hot tub by accident. The geezers should swim there. I was on the verge of being too hot the entire swim. It didn't take much to warm up.

I was sleeping good this morning, so I passed up the normal swim at Canyon Meadows. Technically, I could have made it for the swim, then up to MRC for my class, but it would have been rush rush rush the whole way, and of course, that would be the day there'd be an accident, or slow traffic, or something. So I swam after my class, which was Financial Analysis and Opportunity Evaluation, if you must know. A bit of a snoozer, but the teacher speaks well, and keeps us moving.

Swim was a warm up, then an 800 m ladder that ended up being half hard, half easy. 400 m pull, which I did without a pull buoy because I couldn't find them. I'm so short sighted I can't see anything in a pool anyway. So even if I did get lucky with Susi swimming in a clapped out suit, I'm not likely to notice. Then some cool down. No watch, but I'm guessing 45 minutes based on when I got in and out.

Since I got to class a bit early, I walked through MRC to figure out where the pool is. This place is a huge three dimensional maze. I can totally understand people getting lost in it. I was thinking it would make a great set for a shoot'em up movie or video game. Another day of course there tomorrow, when it's still supposed to be nice here. It will be a rest day for me anyway, then a morning spin/run/core session on Sunday. Deets later!

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  1. So no weird oddball swimmers there? I'm disappointed! Hahahaha!!

    Yesterday in Pincher, there was this man who floats on a pool noodle and hangs onto the edge of the pool...He's there every M,W,F -- well, yesterday he was coughing like he had H1N1, a cold, and whooping cough altogether.

    It was so bad Keith, I actually turned and glared at him at one point. As our eyes met, well, his eyes met my goggle-wearing head, he looked right at me and rounded his mouth and coughed across the pool at me.

    I was thinking how far does that vapour travel?

    I continued to glare at him -- I almost asked him, "Do you really think you should be in the pool hacking away and infecting everyone?" (Everyone meaning ME)

    The next time he coughed, he tried to bring his hand out of the water to cover his mouth -- finally!! For the rest of my session, I noticed he retrained from hacking as much -- hmmmm...psychosomatic maybe?

    I learned that I can glare with goggles on and it works!!!! LOL!!!!!


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