Sunday, October 18, 2009

Katie exhorted us

Today was the first of Katie's Sunday sessions. A bike, a run, some core, and cupcakes! Well, today was cookies. This will be a regular session for me till mid Dec or so.

The bike was really good. I was on for 6 minutes short of 2 hours. Nice warmup, then lots of stuff that blurred together in my mind now that I try to think about it. She's really good about explaining what we're all about to do, letting us know when things change, and when to stop. There was lots of encouragement, and some interesting drills. And NO one leg drill today!

While I was riding I was looking over some of the stuff in Try-It. There was a really nice bike jacket that was tempting me, but I need new cleats before I need a jacket. As usual, we had the windows all fogged up before the end of bike class.

About a dozen of us headed out to the Bow River path. After nearly getting run down in a cross walk by some asshole that doesn't believe in flashing lights, we headed west. I tell you, I need to work on my run. The group's warm up and ease into it pace was nearly at my top speed, and they quickly pulled away from me. I'm not unhappy though, my legs felt good and actually wanted to run a bit faster, and my breathing was good, but my heart rate was maxing out. It was a bit up during the bike workout but you don't notice so much there. It was cool, and kind of almost dank for Calgary. Hard to know what to wear. I was almost over dressed in tights and hoody, and one girl was in shorts and T shirt.

The core was easier than I expected. We did some oblique crunches, tricep dips, plank, wall sit, upright rows, and push ups. All the other core I've been doing lately must be having some influence on me. Either that or Katie didn't want to frighten anyone off the first day.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.6 hr
Bike 5.3 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Walk 1.0  hrs
Core 2.0 hrs
Total 10.9 hrs
Missed a yoga class, and some swim core.


  1. Nice bike workout :) But you where right on listening to your body. I run with people that are faster then me quite a bit - but I know my limits. Sometimes. :)

  2. So, how were the cookies???? :) :) :)


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