Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everybody at Coop thinks I'm a pervert now

But it's not my fault! Really! How ELSE am I supposed to react when I transition from the fruit and veg section into the bread section, and there is a HUGE sign advertising muffin tops. That would be worth a smile. BUT, there was this couple standing there, looking at the display, and showing off jumbo sized muffin tops of their own. THEN I imagined that some evil genius had invented some diabolical machine for trimming the muffin tops off people and selling them as a pastry. Shades of Soylent Green. These people sure could have used such a trimming. Anyways, it was all I could do not to break into a belly laugh and point. But I did end up with an odd expression on my face for a while, and the geezers were giving me a funny look.

Perhaps one of the reasons I'm having such strange thought processes is that the place where thinking normally takes place is under pressure from backed up bodily fluids normally dribbled out the nasal passages. Yes, I've got a cold. Beats me how you can get a cold when you don't go out much. It was probably at the pool, but there was hardly anyone there, and I'm really careful about touching stuff. You'd think with all the cleansers they splash around the place would be sterile, but no.

Monday I swam. 300 m warmup with some drill. Then 4x100m, 6x50, 8x25. Cool down 300 m. All of these were done on a totally perfect interval. How do coaches know this stuff? It was just enough to let me catch my breath and go again. Well, maybe the times for the 25 m ones were a little long. Just over 30 min swimming, and about 20 min core.

Remember those pics from last year, the ones of my teeth? The final followup check happened. The x-rays all look good, and the dentist says things have healed up as well as could be expected for a guy my age. As long as I'm careful about eating, and don't land on my face again, the teeth should be good. Afterward I managed to have coffee with a buddy I used to work with.

At first I thought it was just a case of post-swim sniffles. Then by mid-afternoon I realized I felt like crap. I had a headache and my eyeballs were itchy. Tuesday was worse. Even just thinking about putting on workout gear tired me out. I didn't do anything much more ambitious than an afternoon nap.

Today was a bit better. Hit the spin trainer for 60 min of moderate effort, mixing up one leg and cadence drill, after a long warmup and before a medium cool down. Then out for a 20 minute run, nice and easy. I got lucky and timed it to happen between snow flurries. There's been at least three flurries go through today, and it's not even 5pm yet. So far it's all melting as it hits the ground, but it's snowing hard enough to affect visibility. In between bits of bright sunshine. That's Calgary for you.


  1. Chicken soup, lots of sleep, and you'll be sprightly in no time. Colds suck.

    When I saw the word "pervert" in your title, I couldn't believe how quickly I clicked over to your blog. Errrrr, what does that say about me? Haahaha!

    Get better soon! :)

  2. Nasal douche - start flushing out your sinus cavity twice a day! If you don't already, of course.

    Muffin tops, we gots lots of dem here in da Souf. Holy crap, it's really reaching all new levels!

  3. Running in the snow sucks, but it's worth it to avoid the dreaded tuffin mop.

    Glad you're starting to feel better, although your recent sickness got me more hits than I've ever had. It's Vitamin C and chicken soup, Keef, and NOT profanity riddled LuMu posts.

    ...Or maybe it IS LuMu posts!! I can cure the common cold!! I won't do it, though, unless the price is right. Never mistake me for a humanitarian.


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