Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dead legs

I totally missed writing about Thursday. Not sure why. 1.5 hr spin and 30 min core done. It was kind of tough doing the spin and core two days back to back.

The Sunday brick was brutal for me. My legs would not warm up. I was on the bike almost a half hour before the actual workout started, and my legs were still doing squares. I was getting all sorts of weird twitches and cramps throughout. What pissed me the most is that eventually I could pedal 108 rpm, or 113 rpm, but I could not do 110. My legs simply didn't want to do it at all, and they'd go faster or slower unless I watched them every second. Meanwhile, my bike is bouncing around the floor like it's on a pogo stick. 

About half way through the bike I started running out of gas. I nibbled a banana during the workout, but that didn't help. Or maybe it staved off complete collapse, I don't know. Even though I was in an easy gear, it just got harder and harder to hit the higher cadence. I was noticing that my legs were reverting to the old push push push model if I didn't watch and make them spin. You'd think by now the habit would be built, but I guess not.

I was on the bike a hair over 2 hours. It was a good workout, but I wasn't having a good time dealing with the leg rebellion. My shorts were doing weird wrinkle stuff they haven't ever done before. The cupcakes were good though. 

It was a beautiful day out there. Sunny and cool. First day of our regular time again, instead of the Daylight Savings time insanity. I hate changing our clocks, and every year it makes me want to move to Saskatchewan. It was windy though. We had planned on running east, but changed it to west along the river, so we'd get the wind at our backs during the run home.

The wind had molasses in it, I'm sure. I couldn't run anything faster than a slow trot. We were supposed to do 30 minutes, but I turned around early and made it 20. I didn't think I could do 30 without actual pain. It felt like how I ran a year ago, clump clump clump.

The core was very, very tough. The weird one was doing pushups with a Blazeman roll in between each. I don't think I got through the full time or numbers on any of the exercises without bailing, except the squats. They were ok.  I just felt weak and feeble. Not sure why.

Linda and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood later in the afternoon. It was still sunny, but the wind was picking up, and it was beginning to get cold. We started off at a brisk pace, but I ended up slowing down a bit because my legs were tightening up, instead of relaxing.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.5 hr
Bike 5.0 hr
Run 1.5 hr
Walk .75 hr
Core 2.5 hr
Total 11.25 hr
That seems low, but I don't think I'm missing anything. Didn't walk much.


  1. Man, I hate days like that. At least you stuck with it and completed the workouts. I've had a couple trainer days like that fun.

  2. GOOD JOB Keith!! One thing I've learned is that THESE are the workouts where the most progress is gained. Push, push, push. When you feel like crap and the legs aren't responding, push some more. And you did!!

    Good work Keith!!!!! I am so excited you pushed and finished your workouts -- if you felt great and cheery and not tired, that would indicate you weren't really working yourself. This AWESOME workout proves your cumulative training is working and you are ROCKING!!

    I am proud of you, Rockstar!!!! :) :) :) :)

  3. I hate changing our clocks, and every year it makes me want to move to Saskatchewan

    Thank you for finally answering the age-old question (previously thought to be merely rhetorical), "What would drive a man to want to move to Saskatchewan?"

    Everyone who previously thought the answer would have to involve the rest of the world's having been annihilated in a nuclear holocaust owes Saskatchewan an apology.


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