Saturday, April 15, 2017

The passion of the cats vs human serenity

When I was out in the garden the other day revelling in the smell of spring, of wet cedar mulch, of defrosting ground, I was trying for some reflection shots of the rain chain. I've never really been entirely happy with shots of it because it's so long and skinny. But I'll keep working on it.

But I did get this shot of one of the cups in the rain chain in perfectly still water, and thought it was such a peaceful image.

I'm big on peaceful the last little while. Our lives are full of go go go. Lots of people seem to think that the world can't carry on without them involved, and it's just not true. Try the experiment. Turn off Facebook, Twitter, email, and don't answer your phone for a day. Pay attention to your kids if you have them, a spouse, your parents, your family, your friends. Take some time for yourself, too. The world will carry on without you just fine. It will never stop, and is relentless about messing with your life unless you say no, so be firm. That's before kids. Or cats that want something.

The cats are feeling their spring catnip or something. They've been eating like little fur pigs the last few days, shedding like mad, and telling us to feed them more. They are playing with each other fairly roughly, by cat standards. I was there taking photos, and am amazed anew how fast they move. In a pair of frames not shown below, Celina is ready to pounce straight up, in the next frame less than a second later, all I see is a tail at the top of the photo.

Then they played dominance games at the top of the kitty condo. The Paw made an appearance. You'll know it when you see it.

In other news, I was working on the abstracts some more. Maybe I got lucky with the experiments. Even though I used the tripod, and took some care trying to compose them, I'm not quite as happy with the results.

Here's one of the better ones, but I think still experimental. Are you interested in seeing more of these? Or would you rather see more real stuff like cats, flowers, bridges, or landscapes and such? I'll still take the photos for my own amusement, just won't put them here.

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  1. I like all the photos, all the types, so keep them coming if it makes you happy!


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