Friday, April 12, 2013

The before, a disaster area

Another week zoomed. The water feel is coming back, which makes me happy. Amazing how a simple thing like not swimming for 3 weeks turns you into a floatie. Swam 40 minutes feeling stronger, but no water run after.

Core in the evening, with two plank sessions. First was 125 seconds, the other was 90 seconds. Rolled my legs with the ball. The spots that used to be ooooooooo! Are now feeling much less tender. I could contemplate running now, and if it's not too crappy this weekend I might. I'm much more likely to get on the bike.

I had Celina curled up on my lap for a nap after work. I napped a bit too. When I look at the full sized version of this I'm amazed all over at the resolution of a phone camera.

Not as pretty as a Neil Zellor shot, but I caught the sunrise for this one. Slightly tweaked in Snapseed.

Saving the worst for last, this is what I'll be working on this spring. The box to the left has essentially rotted away, and has to be removed. The other boxes are fine, but the contents need work. A lattice has to go onto the framework. I'm seriously contemplating renting a power thatcher to get all the crap off the lawn, and that's if I don't rent a bobcat and strip it out entirely to be replaced with nice clean white gravel. There is much weeding to be done, and day lilies to be moved.

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  1. Great pics, Keith. And, you're right, great resolution on that camera phone. Hope you feel up to getting back to running soon.


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