Friday, October 2, 2015

Bad, sad, and rad

Three photos.

You might have to zoom in, but look at the helmet. Michelle took this as we were driving home. He zoomed in and out of traffic, even did a wheelie at one point, but was really close to us most of the way home. That's why they say you don't beat the traffic, you aren't in the traffic, you ARE the traffic.

My old, sad office. I was in it about a year, and all but the last month was very good, but that last month tainted the whole thing. Lots of empty offices.

My new office. What's radical about it is that the last person in there set it up so they faced out to the corridor. I'm standing in the doorway. For most offices the desk would be facing the opposite way, with your back to the door. This means any corporate predator can sneak up on you unexpectedly, and leap on your unprotected back. It's larger than it looks; I used to split an office smaller than this one with another guy about my size. They even moved my whiteboard upstairs with me. All is well with the world, at least on the office front.

Swam on Thursday. Warmed up, then did some 100 m intervals, playing with my pace, seeing what my shoulders would think. I seem to be recovering from whatever it was, but they get tired quick. I think there's a couple specific muscles that are working harder now that I've tweaked my stroke, and they aren't used to it yet.

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