Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A politics free zone today!

Sunday I was itching for a run, and went 7K, 49 minutes, feeling really good. We've been having beautiful weather lately, so it's nice to take advantage. I suppose I could have gone for a bike ride, but even though I'd run the day before, I was feeling the run love.

Opened the day with a swim on Monday. The intent was to start easy and try for 2 K. Then I noticed it going really well, and changed on the fly. I came THAT close to breaking 18 minutes. Only 4 seconds over. Next time for sure.

Then I got all messed up doing some intervals. They kept playing with the clock. The first 100 time was 75 seconds and there was no way at all that was true. I blew a turn really badly. Then they reset it during the next one. I'm not sure what they did the next time but I didn't believe the number. Then a good one, and then some backstroke. Meanwhile rest times were all higgledy piggledy.

Did you notice what happened on my blog the other day? Probably not. Look in the upper right corner, just above the labels. NaNoWriMo reset the word counter. This was a surprise to me. I wasn't sure if I was going to do it this year or not. If I don't, I suppose I have to go to the trouble of removing that thingie. It might be easier to write the 50K words.

Still, I started having some novel thoughts, wondering where the opening I'd thought of could go. There's some plot percolating going on, but not sure if it will go anywhere. Even though I should be working on improving what I've already got, I like the free-form process of writing I've used so far. They call it pantsing, as in, flying by the seat of your pants. This time, I'm actually trying to think about the story first, making some notes, and then I'll see if I can write about it. So far, not so good, but it's early days. Some of my readers have done this in the past, are any of them up for it again this year? Any newcomers? Let me know and I'll sign you up on the NaNo friends page.

About a month ago I blogged about institutional memory loss and other topics. Well. A swimmer buddy of mine from Renfrew days reads my blog, and mentioned it to a buddy of hers. She read it and was interested enough she actually called, and wanted to discuss further. She's in the middle of a Master's degree on the topic and we had a lovely discussion over coffee. It was certainly better than wrestling with an uncooperative xl.

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