Friday, October 23, 2015

quicky runny swimmy updaty

Wednesday, swam 1.5 K hard, keeping up with some fast swimmer in our 50 m lane. Over the last bunch of years I free-formed only a few of the poses that Fiona brought to class. I free-formed the whole class, doing something different for every pose, including the savasana at the end.

Friday I bailed out of the office a bit early to enjoy the sunshine. 4K reasonably easy, 26:40, trying to keep cadence up. I didn't miss work a bit, and if they missed me, oh well. This might well be the last run in shorts this year, but you never know.

We puttered around, draining hoses, getting ready for winter. It's supposed to snow soon.

I've been dragging my butt this week, going to bed early, and sleeping through till the alarm goes off. In my free time I'm thinking novel thoughts and not getting very far. That hasn't stopped me before.

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