Sunday, October 25, 2015

We bagged the barrels

Linda has gone through a bunch of those big landscaping bags from Burnco this year. Soil, mulch, compost, peat moss, cedar chips, pea gravel, maybe other stuff. I lost track. I just pack and carry.

I found out yesterday those big bags are NOT returnable, and NON refundable. I suppose the first implies the second, but that's what the sign says. They suggested the bags be put in the blue bin for recycling.

Kind of a pity, they are huge sturdy bags. We have one already storing something out on the front patio, and it looks happy just sitting there. I had the happy thought of reusing them to further protect the barbecue but they weren't quite big enough for that. However they fit very nicely over the water barrels.

It took a bit of doing to drain them. The siphon pump we got doesn't actually siphon all that well when it's cold out. I think just a little air seeps past the seals and that destroys the siphon effect. My arms were a bit tired during the swim, with the left especially reverting to Pastafarianism. No, that isn't an allegory on the Canadian election. If it was, only right wing Conservatives would get it. Pastafarianism, noodley appendage, left wing, Liberals. Come on, reach for it. Nope? Congrats, you are not a Harperite.

We finished getting the garden put to bed for winter. Taps are drained. Some of the plants are still hanging in there, but they will go fully dormant any day now. Not many plants are good for -5 C.

Back to the swim. Both of us were feeling a bit feeble, and wanted a nice relaxing swim. I actually warmed up, taking 200 m to start feeling normal. A brisk 500 m in 9:10 and my left shoulder and arm complaining a bit convinced me I was not going to push for a record today. Soon.

Over coffee we plotted our plans for race season next year. Once home I napped, which is very easy with a cat snoring. I also managed to capture the dentistry display afterward.

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