Friday, October 30, 2015

So, that NaNoWriMo thing, and

It's coming up fast. I started a new document in Scrivener, complete with initial notes. I have an opening scene, and a couple other scenes, all neatly plotted. My thinking was to plot it all out, and then write like mad during NaNoWriMo in November.

But even those opening scenes are not that neatly plotted. And you know? I don't have the faintest idea where the story goes from there. I've tried to have meetings with the lead character. She's busy. I've tried to bribe her with good coffee, and it's not working. Even the other characters aren't saying much. Not sure what that means.

So here I am, a day out from committing to 50K words. In the past I've just dived in, and had fun with it. Almost every day I woke up knowing where that day's writing was going. Which has led me to lots of words and a vague resemblance to a novel, in that there is a faint hint of a story. I was hoping to tighten things up and not make it worse by adding more words.

At this very moment I'm thinking of not doing it, and continuing to work on the words I already have.   Stay tuned and see how this turns out. Either the word counter on my blog will start showing words, or it will disappear.

Today was a pre-retirment day. Eventually I will need to produce documentation of my SIN for Linda to get her pension, and that plastic card disintegrated decades ago. Oddly enough my birth certificate is still going strong, though I ought to get it relaminated. So we wandered into a Service Canada centre, and what do you know? We got service. From walking in the front door, to walking out with our documents, was about a half hour, and we dealt with a polite and professional person. This is one of the things our taxes pay for.

We did a bit of shopping on the way home. Four wild boar steaks found their way into our shopping cart, and later onto the BBQ. They were delicious! And a Yum Bakery dessert.

Midafternoon I was on the bike for an hour of fairly hard workout. I'm still getting back into it, figuring out where my bike fitness is, but I think I'm pretty close to where I left off. Maybe Sunday I'll dig out the book and do a time trial. That is, if the morning swim doesn't knacker me trying to keep up to my buddy who is swimming stronger every time. Plus I need a new heart rate monitor. The bands are still good, if I put fresh batteries in them, but there's nothing to display the result. Hmmm, unless I can get an app on my phone to do that. Research time.

Almost forgot. Linda made these awesome scones that are fabulous with morning coffee, as we slept in till dawn. A Brazilian dark roast, with beans shiny with oil, and a wonderful rich smell. I poured just enough water into the French Press to turn the grounds into sludge, then took a big sniff. Wonderful!

This what we saw outside shortly after waking up.

 The lick-fest turned into a tussle pretty quickly.

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